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Creating a web-site certainly doesn’t have to be a task, a chore or a head-ache. Your site doesn't have to look like anybody or everybody else's. And it can be done in so many ways, so very many "personal" ways.

JA Kessler Design has been working with the Internet, building corporate and personal web-sites for almost as long as the Internet has been available to the general population. You can see that from the “Portfolio” listing. We got our start in the earliest days... on Wall Street, NYC, and have had the honour, privilege and pleasure of venturing out into a veritable plethora of styles and personalities over the years. We've worked independently, and with some of the greatest corporate teams in the business. From coding through “Quality Assurance”, creating pages and graphics, and today's inclusions of media, audio and video. It's been a living experience of growth, HTML, XML, and the current HTML5. And, it's been fantastic!

Yes, of course, these days there are options available to every-body who wants his/her own web-site. There are vast varieties of “Drag and Drop”, “Cut and Paste”, and “WYSISYG” (What You See Is What You Get) programs, services and “apps” all over the place. Quick. Easy. Simple. “You can be up and running in moments!”, claim some. And indeed, that's all great and fun. There's the option of free “blogs” too. Some are actually quick and simple, and others can get you bogged-down in all sorts of options and lay-outs and “personalisations” and the likes. All said, they can be the best option for some. But, there's a bit of a draw-back at the bottom line: “Themes”.

Browse through the Internet today and there's something very rather obvious: similarity. After a while, you'll notice that many sites are, in most ways, identical.

Once upon a time, there were “standards” that the industry followed. Certain colours, fonts, font sizes, and even page sizes were considered “acceptable” across the Internet. Plain text fonts, black on white content, and most, if not all content on one page that fit one screen. As time passed, it became a “one size fits all” world and then... as individuals, people, began to appear on the screens across the globe, the fonts changed, the colours began to pop out and messages got longer and longer (a bit like this one). The individuality of sites and site presentation burst into an array of all sorts imaginable.

Bring in current trends, and from the looks of it, there's a return to the old “rubber stamp” days. The possibilities and capabilities of the Internet expand, but the presentations are becoming confined. When once it was exciting to “think out-side of the box”, out-side of the screen (or monitor), today's quick-serves are little more than cookie-cutter templates... and the more people who use them, the more alike the sites become. Standard fonts, colours, text area sizes, and no flare. After a while, every web address becomes just a duplicate of ever other web address. The pictures might be different and the words on the page as well, but the presentation is, well, cut from the same template. Individuality and personality are being lost. So, you might want to ask yourself: “Am I the clothing store, flea market, or news-stand? Am I the man or woman down the street, across town, in the U.S. or Canada or France or...? Do I want my hand-mades being presented the same way as the pet service or car wash?”

If your answer keeps repeating “No.”, then maybe it's time to invest in yourself, to give to and support yourself and your individuality as it should be.

The process doesn't have to be intimidating, tedious, labour-intensive. You don't have to stay awake nights, poring over books and tutorials. And, believe it or not, you don't have to empty your wallet, purse or retirement account either. There's somebody out here who's done the learning, from coding to price comparisons who can take your idea, your notion, your wish, your dream, and from a blank screen, all the details of what make you, “YOU”, can be delivered across the globe, around the world (and to where-ever else the Internet may be going... who knows where that might be).

Domains (something.com, .biz, .country, .you, .me, .this, .that .dot...) are readily available, and certainly not difficult to obtain. Hosting services (the part that gets you and your dreams onto the Internet and out to the world) might seem complex, but we can handle that for you. “Up-loading” your pages and pictures? We've got that covered too. And up-dates? You don't have to move from where you are right now, and information can be switched, changed, modified... what-ever you need. It's done.

Oh, and you don't have to travel, go to an office, take time away from your life to get started and keep running. Details can be sent and discussed from the comfort of your sofa, kitchen table, the local park, lake, beach, where-ever you happen to be. Drop a note via the contact page here or send an e-mail. Ask questions, or let's chat about your aspirations. You might be pleasantly shocked at just how simple and easy it all can actually be.

One more point: If you already have a “blog” and would like to make it more “You”, that can be done as well! Change your web-presence from “www.somebodyelse.me.com” to “hereiam.com”! If you like the format (or “theme”) you have, it can be duplicated. If you'd like to keep the general format, consider that done too. Need different fonts, colours, images but want to keep all the information? No problem, not in the least. We can take your blog-site and turn it into your site. (If you've ever “right-clicked” on a web page and chosen “view source”, you've seen the volume of coding that's done to create what appears to be almost very little. Well, lately, we've been working on some of the more popular blogs, converting them to personal web-sites. We can do the same for you.)

Well then, give it all some thought. If you have ANY questions at all, there’s the “CONTACT” page here for your convenience. Click over, drop a line. Replies are as quick as is humanly possible because, well, after all… we’re human too. Feel free to ask ANYTHING. Even if it’s something we might not know at the moment, we welcome the opportunity to investigate and research and will give you the answer just as quickly as we find it.

Meanwhile, thanks for taking the time to read all of this, and please, always feel free to get in touch. This is a web-site... but there's people behind it all... people who've been where you are now... and we're here to help.






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