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Welcome to the "Blog" page where, from time-to-time, notices of news, announcements of new site launches and works, blurbs, site-building tips and the likes will be posted.

March 2018:
New Site Launch: Mr. G's Round Hill Lodge
After having been burned to the ground in January 1974, much to the heart-break of those who reveled often at this beautiful old Hudson Valley resort, there is precious little that would tell of the existence of "G's", once upon a time. For 44 years there has been little or no mention of the place... many, if not most of its guests, visitors and residents being gone or perished (as it were). But for those who still remember, there was only the stories, until now. A "memorial" of some kind was one of the "dreams" that lived in the imagination for far, far too long. Today, happily and proudly, Mr. G's Round Hill Lodge has risen out of the ashes, up from the grounds on which it proudly stood, and the music of the old juke-box plays again for all to hear, to sing along with and perhaps even dance to. It has been an exciting labour of great love and pride to have worked on this site which will, hopefully, re-kindle fondest memories and ignite inspiration in many who visit the site, read the stories posted and listen to the many songs available. G's is, in this respect today, no longer just a "memory", this site is the epitome of "Turning Imagnination & Dreams Into Realities".
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