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Welcome to the "Blog" page where, from time-to-time, notices of news, announcements of new site launches and works, blurbs, site-building tips and the likes will be posted.


April 2019:
It's been a busy year, and how the time has passed so quickly, being occupied with multiple sites.

Maintenance, tweaks, content changes and additions, creating images, animations, and particularly the work with Mr. G's Round Hill Lodge, which has proven to be entertaining as well as enjoyable.

We're not only working on sites, but have expanded out to creating personalised "social media" presences for the sites as well. We've moved many from the "old" and "contoversial" venues to the more contemporary where content is "open" and less likely to be "lost" or "removed" and deleted. For many clients, this has been a matter of intense concern, not that content itself is of a controversial manner, but there's a greater degree of assurance in knowing that posts of news and information won't "mysteriously" disappear and be lost forever, that images, many of which involve many hours of work from concept through design, won't be "stolen" or again, disappear. Although we do maintain our own back-ups of all materials, it can be disappointing to see social media work and correspondence vanish, irretrievably, based predominantly on personal political decisions made by people who have little-to-no-interest in the persons or their efforts.

"Indie" (Independent) authors and artists, in particular, are migrating away from the "standard" and "main stream" social media venues, and moving into the safer, newer homes of some previously obscure platforms. We've been busy doing our best to replicate the previous presence, maintaining the comfort of familiarity on the new, and creating back-ups of as much data, information and correspondence as we possibly can. We can't mention the sites, nor their new presences, but we do encourage you to watch when you visit a site for a "notice" that will direct you to the new venue.

Of particular enjoyment, I have to say, has been the work on the "Mr. G's Round Hill" site, converting old records to digital media and the creation of their "Juke-Box" page! There's about 100 or slightly more tunes, all of which were legally purchased over the course of time, most still on vinyl ("records", as they were called... and are making a return I've seen). The page was created for ease of use across different browsers, and we did our best to re-create the "feel" of the old-time juke-box... in a "digital" fashion. There's several hours, at least, of music from the 1960s and 1970s on the site, and "G's" social media page is almost regularly being expanded with links to music from the same eras, as well as pre-60s even up to music of the day! New content has been added to the site and there's a "forum" page where visistors can correspond with "G's" (as it were) and others on any variety of topics.

We're even re-working some of the content on this site as well, particularly on the "back end", the "coding" side so that it takes less time to load on many devices. "Techonology" never stops moving, and neither do we.

BUT, this is NOT to say that we're too busy to take on NEW adventures! Much to the contrary, we're looking forward to the challenges of creating more new, stylish sites for just about ANY format, content and dream. So always remember that if you have the notion, we'll put it in motion... across the planet... on the web. From local news-letter sites, to your new small business venture, we're not "cut'n'paste", not "point'n'click". We're as original as you are, from graphics to text... and as far beyond as your imagination might take you. So PLEASE, drop a line, either via the "Contact" page here or, if you prefer, you can send us a direct e-mail at:
We're here to help because we remember what it was like "old school".

Some-what belated HAPPY NEW YEAR wishes to you all. Here's continued hope for your good health, great prosperity and true contentment in 2019!

March 2018:
New Site Launch: Mr. G's Round Hill Lodge
After having been burned to the ground in January 1974, much to the heart-break of those who reveled often at this beautiful old Hudson Valley resort, there is precious little that would tell of the existence of "G's", once upon a time. For 44 years there has been little or no mention of the place... many, if not most of its guests, visitors and residents being gone or perished (as it were). But for those who still remember, there was only the stories, until now. A "memorial" of some kind was one of the "dreams" that lived in the imagination for far, far too long. Today, happily and proudly, Mr. G's Round Hill Lodge has risen out of the ashes, up from the grounds on which it proudly stood, and the music of the old juke-box plays again for all to hear, to sing along with and perhaps even dance to. It has been an exciting labour of great love and pride to have worked on this site which will, hopefully, re-kindle fondest memories and ignite inspiration in many who visit the site, read the stories posted and listen to the many songs available. G's is, in this respect today, no longer just a "memory", this site is the epitome of "Turning Imagnination & Dreams Into Realities".
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